Creativity and education focussed iPad app, Made for Kids 6-8 year old.


"I love to encourage storytelling with my children and recently came across Makesto, a cool new app that lets you easily create digital animated stories." - hello, Wonderful

"Makesto takes story creation to a whole new level with the freedom for children to craft, illustrate, narrate and produce their very own stories. Fun for children of all ages!" - Best Apps From Kids

"It’s a cool way for a kid to bring a favorite family bedtime story to life, or just make up their own. The options and opportunities are endless." - Cool Mom Tech

Makesto v2

- Makesto allows you to produce beautiful animated stories using your own drawings, photos, text, voice and animation effects.

- The app has NO external links, NO social media, NO ads and NO in-app purchases.

- Export a video of your story for viewing by anyone.

- Email stories as files that can be opened in another instance of Makesto v2 app. This enables you to share or archive your stories.

- Based on feedback and concerns over the past year, we have decided that removing external links and community features from Makesto is the safe and right way forward. Makesto v2 does not have any external links and all data is locally stored in your iPad. Our updated privacy policy is here.

Makesto User Guide (pdf)

Information for users upgrading from Makesto v1 to v2

If you have uploaded stories using Makesto v1, both private and public, those stories will not show up when you upgrade to Makesto v2. This is because we have totally removed all external links in Makesto v2. We request you to send us an email at from your registered email address, and we will send you your stories on email as files. Opening these files will add your stories to the new Makesto v2 app.

Your Drafts, that are stored locally on your iPad and not uploaded, will be automatically restored in Makesto v2.


Have a story about a rhino on a bicycle? Or, your little one has a story about a cat that wants to find a friend? Make your own animated story.


Want children to learn that 1 + 1 makes 2, the lifecycle of a butterfly, or anything in a fun way? Create a simple story for that.



There are several stories told by parents, grandparents and teachers to children and many more that children create while playing. We believe that there is tremendous value and learning if those are captured in media and made available to all.

Tablets offer one of the most intuitive interfaces for anyone to create content, and various creation tools are becoming available. We are building technology that desires to capture every story that needs to be told.


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